July 27, 2008

Summer Sewing

I've gotten to do a little sewing over the past few months, trying new things out, which has been fun. Here are a few pics of things I've done.

My friend, Angie, told me about this pattern you can use to make a dress from a men's button-down shirt, and it looked SO cute....mine didn't turn out nearly as cute. The back of the shirt will be the front of the dress and the buttons will go down the back, pretty clever. I messed up quite a few things with it, but I love the idea and might try it again some day. It's tricky finding a cute men's shirt in the right size. I was supposed to use a men's medium to get the right size for the straps, and one of my problems was that I thought I could get a women's small to work....not so much. But it was fun to try. If you want to try it, here's the link.

I loved this pattern, but it came out about 3 times smaller than I have much use for. But I'd love to try it again and just size it up. I used some canvas I ordered on JCaroline's canvas blowout sale, and I loved the way it worked for this shoulder bag. It's a great bag for my camera, a little cash, some chapstick, and my keys. Or just my wallet and nothing else. :-) But it was fun to make and I'll hopefully try it again and make it a little bigger. Here's the link for this pattern.

I thought it would be fun to try to make some small balls out of scrap fabric. I made one, but I'd like to try to make some coordinating sets of varying sizes. Angie's baby boy (coming really soon!) will get to play with this one when he's a bit older.

This was a fun bag to make for Angie's birthday. It would be good for the library or the pool or even a grocery bag! I loved the fabric. Here's the link for this pattern.

I love the model's pose in this picture!! I made matching dresses for Angie's girls, Emma and Addie. I think both of them came out way too short, but owell. Angie's my guinee pig for all my sewing projects I think! Can you tell what this is made out of? Here's the link.

My friend, Charlie, asked if I'd make her a purse, so I had fun picking out fabric for her. I love this bag. It's fun and easy to make and I love the style. Here's the link for this pattern.

I have a lot of things on my project list....it's just finding the time and energy to do them! I love creating things, it makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something tangible and it's fun to see how things turn out.


Jenni said...

Michelle - So crafty! Love the bag patterns! I have a baby shower next week and I am totally going to try a couple out. I love free patterns. Hope you are well!!

petiteblogger said...

You are inspiring me... :) They look great!

Lindsay said...

Really, really cute projects, Michelle! I need to get in the sewing groove again....this inspires me!

Angie said...

Boy, that ANGIE is sure one spoiled, lucky girl!

Seriously, I feel so glad to be your guinea pig! I'm working on a post right now that features my girls in those CUTE dresses. They're so, so cute.

You're amazing, Michelle!

Brian, Emily, and Violet said...

Very fun! I especially like the canvas purse, too cute!

kerrie said...

Michelle, these are all so cute. I wish I even had a second of time to work on some sewing. But, drawing is taking precedence in my house!

See you in a few weeks.

the mathisons said...

I am WAY impressed! All those things look like so much fun.

The Robinson Family said...

Such cute things! I didn't know you were a sewer! I hope that says so-er, and not sue-er! : )

Arabian Acres said...

Love the models pose! Actually all of the dresses are so cute, I wish I could and had the time to sew like you do.