February 26, 2010

Tahoe 2010

We had such an enjoyable trip away in Tahoe for our 3rd annual trek to the snow with the Mathison and the Thomas families!

Unfortunately the Friday morning we were supposed to leave, I woke up with the stomach flu....but we decided to go anyways after resting it off for a little while and getting a bit later start than we planned. It was a long trip, but the roads were clear and the traffic wasn't too bad, and I didn't get sick along the way. :-) I felt bad bringing my sickness along with me, but we also hated to miss the trip, so I hope no one else has gotten it this week!

The 8 kids all did amazing and had such fun together. The highlight was, of course, playing out in the snow, and the dads built an amazing sled run right outside the house. It was almost like their own bobsled course, including a tunnel at the end. Here's a video of Carson going down:

Olivia and Breck

Carson and Micah

Olivia and Reese

Another favored indoor activity for Olivia and Reese was paper crafts, as well as playing with their Binky Bunnies (the stuffed bunnies I made them for their 4th birthdays). They were so cute together.

Tahoe 2010
Next year there will be another little boy in the picture. :-) I'm already looking forward to it.


The Robinson Family said...

Love seeing pics of your trip. Great video of Carson on the sled run. And Olivia is going to be such a great big sister! She is so sweet with the little ones!!!

Marcy said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Hope everyone is feeling well! I am so ready for spring and less sickness!

the mathisons said...

loved our time with all of you! what a great video of Carson on the sled... I could keep watching it!... Miss you!

Barb and Andy said...

what a blast. are we all really old enough to have this many kids?! it's fun watching them grow...even from a distance.

You with us said...

Can't wait to have that new little boy in the picture!

So glad you took that video. It is so fun to see it all in action.

Michelle said...

By, I love hearing you cheering him on in the background! Just like the Olympics! :-)