February 26, 2010

Wilder Ranch take 2

My mom came out for a visit a couple weeks ago, and sadly I have no pictures of us together! But we had a great time with her here. The kids loved playing with her and it was so nice to have her take them across the street to the park in the afternoons to ride their bikes and play so I could rest/nap. We had great weather for the most part, so we got to spend lots of time outside. We went for a walk on West Cliff one day, a hike in Wilder Ranch another day, and the last day we went to Capitola beach for some pizza and a little time on the sand & water.
It was great to have her here, fun to daydream together about things for this baby - the nursery, finding some great deals on cute clothes at our local consignment store, and just for her to see my pregnant belly. :-)

Here are a couple shots from our hike at Wilder Ranch, this time on the side along the coast, where the water was gorgeous and the sunshine felt so good:

26 weeks

Carson's got his arm down some critter's hole.


Gloria said...

You look so cute with your pregnant belly!! Can't wait to see baby Hughes #3!

The Robinson Family said...

I agree...you look so cute!

the mathisons said...

You have such fun places to spend your days in! pretty in a picture and in person you are!

You with us said...

Did you ever take the picture of you and your belly in the snow? The ocean picture reminded me you had said you wanted to.

Michelle said...

I never did get the snow belly shot. I think I forgot about it once we got to packing our things up.

Angie said...

Oh MAN I want to rub that cute belly! You are SO cute. It's so fun to see you pregnant again.

I cannot believe you let Carson stick his arm down that hole!!!!! I would've been FREAKING out. You're a way more funner mama than me.