August 25, 2007

Our trip to Colorado

We had a great visit to Colorado recently and we have so many fun pictures, but I'll just post a few of the highlights. It's so fun visiting CO, but it's also hard because there are always so many friends that I want to see that I don't get a chance to. So for all my friends that I didn't get to hang out with and those babies I didn't get to meet...hopefully next time. Don't forget there is always an open invitation to come out here to visit!

We went swimming with my mom in their neighborhood one day, they had a great water slide that Carson could go down. He's getting to be a good swimmer, so it's fun to play with him in the water.

We got to have lunch with my friends Gary and John who I used to work with at First Presbyterian Church in Boulder and that was fun, I always enjoy their company.

We went down to Boulder Creek and took a walk on the trail with my friend Kathleen who I hadn't seen in many, many years and who now has an adorable baby boy, Charlie, so it was fun to meet him and catch up with her. We spent a lot of time playing in the water, both kids were loving climbing on the rocks and wading in the water. We went and got delicious bread from the Great Harvest Bread Co....yum...warm bread with butter, so good.

Saturday we went down to the Farmer's Market in Boulder and got some corn and peaches for dinner. While my mom and brother and Livi and I did that, my dad took Carson fishing. It was Carson's first time fishing, and I guess they caught 1 small trout and a bunch of crawdads! He had fun with those. :-)

We went into Louisville to the street fair to see the Subdudes play, they have great music that always reminds me of summer, and I love going to things like that. And....I finally got one of those little tattoos (kind of like Henna in that it is temporary, but it was spray on). I've always wanted to try that out, I got a little flower on my ankle. It lasted just shy of a week, but it was fun to have for a bit!

We went to the Denver zoo, and the kids loved that. It's changed a little bit since I was last there, years and years ago, it's really nice.

Jason and I got away for a night while my parents watched the kids, and we had so much fun together!

I got to hang out with my friend, Angie, which is always great. Our trips (her out of town, me in town) overlapped by a day, so we got to spend a few precious hours together and the kids had a blast on their humongous blow-up waterslide. We were so busy chatting we only got 1 picture of Carson and Emma as we were leaving.

We also went to the County Fair and saw the animals and Carson rode on a few rides. Livi was terrified in the petting zoo.

We spent the rest of our time in Breckenridge with Jason's family. It's super pretty up there in the summertime, they do an amazing job with the flowers all around town, it's just wonderful. We had a good time reconnecting with everyone and the kids loved playing with their cousins. Anyone looking for a new fun dice game, Pocket Farkel's where it's at!


Megan said...

It's so fun to catch up on your news...I was going through a bit of withdrawl. :) Sounds like you have had a fun summer. I wish we had been there to see you in Colorado!

Megan said...

It's so fun to catch up on your life...I was going through a bit of withdrawl! :) Sounds like you have had a fun summer. I wish we had been in Colorado to see you!

Christi said...

That is such a great picture of you and Jason!