August 1, 2007

I might just win!

You know that game where you have someone come up with things that you have to find in your purse and you race to see who can find it (if they have it!) in their purse first? I think I have a pretty good shot at winning! (if anyone wants to play) :-) I went out with my brother last night (who's visiting from Colorado) and as we were walking thru the mall, the weight on my shoulder was feeling heavier than normal, so I decided to see if there were a couple things I could take out and leave in the car before we went anywhere's what I found (keep in mind, my purse is not very big):

2 chapsticks
4 pens
sunscreen stick
a chip clip
a hot wheels truck
a pocket knife
Livi's hair clip
used kleenex
1 sock
loose receipts
a pacifier (neither of my kids use them, so I'm not sure about this one!)
a gum wrapper
half a bag of almonds
my small Bible
2 rocks, not small ones, pretty good sized ones that the kids like to collect from church
some loose change
my wallet

So...I cleaned out my purse today and it's so much better, especially with the weight of those rocks out of there!


Amy said...

that's awesome! i especially loved the pacifier (from ???) and the rocks. scary to think what i'll find in mine...

E&K said...

Michelle, I love that you had a chip clip in your purse : ) Yes, I also have to go through my purse every so often to pull out the strange things that seem to find a home there!

Angie said...

It sounds like you need one of those purses with a zipper on the BOTTOM! ;) I'm a close rival to you, Michelle. My purse is a disaster. Last week I found a bar of soap in it, and I seriously have no clue where it came from!!!

Christi said...

yeah, the chip clip tops my list of coolest things in your purse