August 29, 2007

Livi's 2!

Last Tuesday we celebrated our little girl's second birthday!!! Wow...I can't believe our baby is 2 now. I just love our little Livi, sometimes I just want to eat her up, she's so darn cute! We had a little birthday celebration in Colorado and then on her birthday morning we made blueberry muffins and she opened a few presents. We went to the beach for a few hours and then out for ice cream after dinner. It was a fun day. Then a couple days later we had a little playgroup party at the park with a few friends, so she really got an extended b-day celebration this year. We are so thankful God's given us this little girl to bring up, she's a treasure.


Christi said...

We watched those videos about 10 times each...we love that little (I mean big) girl!!

Brian & Rachel Schultz said...

what a precious little girl you've got! michelle, she looks so much like you! i love you guys and hope you are doing great!