May 13, 2007


We went down to Gizdich Ranch in Watsonville, CA with our friends to pick some strawberries on Friday and it was such fun! (next time you purchase a package of strawberries you might notice on the label that this is where they are grown) I love going out in the fields and picking out the best and most beautiful berries you can find. It's like a treasure hunt and the rows of shiny red beauties are endless, it's hard to leave cuz you know that there is so much left that could be discovered (and eaten!) And boy are they juicy and sweet! The sign said it's okay to sample, but not graze, and all the kids were just on the verge of grazing, it was hard to control them!...what temptation lies out in those fields. Yum! The cute old man, Norm, at the table where we paid was sweet about it, and was certain we hadn't crossed over into the grazing category, although each of our kids had a red juicy circle around their lips. :-) We'll definitely be going back there this summer, July is raspberry picking season, and I'd love to try that.

Ohhhhh, this tastes SO good!!!


Christi said...

That looks so fun! And you look SO pretty.

Angie said...

I was thinking that you look so pretty in that picture too! I would love to go pick berries. I can just envision that red ring around those sweet lips! I'm glad it was so fun!

Belleza Family said...

Is that Robin in the picture???? OHHHHH! Ocean is so big!