May 2, 2007

His name is Bubba

Well, we ended up back at the pet store yesterday and Carson picked out a fish! It was so cute watching him hold it in the bag and carry it to the counter, he looked so proud and nervous and responsible! He decided to name him Bubba. Later that night he wanted to change it to WeeWee, but we encouraged him to stick with Bubba. :) So here's our new $0.19 pet.

Bubba in the bag

Bubba in the bag in the bowl

Meet Bubba

1 comment:

Angie said...

How cute is he?! (Carson... NOT the fish.) He looks pleased as punch (or is it pie?) over his new little buddy. I'm not a fish fan, unless it's red Swedish gummy fish (YUM) (now I'm craving them), but I hope Bubba lives a long, prosperous life in the Hughes' household. ;)