May 23, 2007

$0.31 scoop night!

We went out for ice cream at Baskin Robbins a couple weeks ago with some friends. I love watching kids eat ice cream, it's so fun and messy. Livi picked the pink one, she loves anything pink. :-)

While we were there we saw a sign on the wall for a sale the next day for $0.31 scoops! Hmmmm ice cream out 2 days in a row? Better not (at least for the kids), but I went to my yoga class the next night and afterward I headed back to B&R to get Jason and myself a scoop to take home, who can pass up a deal like that?!!! It's all about balance and moderation, right? Go exercise and then go out to ice cream! The best is that my yoga teacher came into the ice cream shop right after me! :-) I didn't feel so bad then, not that I really did in the first place.

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kim said...

It sounds like you all have the same love for ice cream that our family has :-) What a steal -- $.31 ice cream! can't pass that up!!!