July 18, 2007

Carson's Amazing Adventure

Hey guys! Carson went on this amazing adventure where he got to try all kinds of cool things, check out some of our footage.


Angie said...

Hi Michelle! I'm coming out of hiding to say that Emma LOVED that!!!! She kept saying, "There's Carson again! There's Carson again!" We'll have to make our own - she wants to keep watching it over and over!

(I'm feeling good and almost back to "normal" and hoping to blog and comment soon. I've been such a poop!)

Jennifer said...

Michelle - that is so cute! I loved it :) Hope you are good!

You with us said...

How fun! I bet Carson just loves watching his own adventure. I have a sinking feeling that my blog is going to start looking exactly like yours, but I love to copy all your great ideas.

Cathy said...

That is so cool!! I've got to do that!