July 10, 2007

My favorite summer drink is definitely lemonade, but even better is lemonade with tea. Trader Joe's makes a really delicious tea and lemonade combo, I love it! Anyways, Carson decided he'd like to try to make some fresh-squeezed lemonade, so we got a bag of lemons and pulled down the old juicer my grandpa gave us, and squeezed away! It was fun and it turned out quite yummy...but boy it sure does take a lot of lemons to make very much lemonade!
A couple months ago, we ate an apple for a snack and then planted the seeds straight into some dirt and gave it some water...a week later it had sprouted and now look! It's really growing into quite a nice little plant! It's been so fun to watch it grow! Carson's very proud of it. So after we made our lemonade we decided to plant the seeds from the lemons we used. We'll see what happens with that one! I'd love to have a lemon tree of our own.

This is what can happen when cooking with youngn's! Especially 2 youngn's. It's so much harder to cook with 2 kids, I feel so much more scattered and distracted. But for some reason this didn't make me too flustered or mad or impatient! I think that I have blogging in the back of my mind a lot now, and so my first thought was aaahhhhhhrrrr, and then my second thought after that was, "Carson, quick, go get the camera, so we can show everybody what Livi did while we were making our spaghetti!" Fortunately we had taken out the noodles we needed already, so only about a pound and a half was dumped on the floor. :-) It would have made for a mad game of pick up sticks!

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You with us said...

Schells! What fun! Pick up sticks use to be one of my favorite games. Yiy, we are just entering the cooking with two phase. Elias managed to touch a hot pot which was maybe more tramatic for me than him. Now he says, "ot, ot" with us when we're cooking.