July 2, 2007


We took a short trip to Colorado a couple weekends ago to spend some time with my girlfriends from college and it also was the weekend of my 30th birthday, so Jason and my parents threw me a fun party! It was so great to be in Colorado, I had been feeling pretty homesick for it and I was anxious to see my family and my friends and their kids. It was a whirlwind fun-filled trip. I didn't get any pictures of my times with By, Mis and Paige, and we only got a couple of the party, but we had some fun times with the kids at a creek in my parent's neighborhood and we had our camera along then. :-)

Bumpa has a good collection of tractors, Livi found the one that makes noises, she had a great time playing with it.

This is Livi's face when we ask her to smile!

The boys had fun exploring the waterfall and as you can see it progressed to Carson getting in the water up to his chest. It was a hot day and it felt so good to get wet.

Liv doesn't like the feel of the grass on her feet and legs, but she sure is cute.

We all got to splash our feet in the water, a good leg workout. :-)

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Christi said...

Caden makes that same face when you tell him to smile.

It's so fun to see what it looks like where your parents live....so pretty.