May 17, 2008

Fun things to make

I have come across a couple fun free pdf patterns and tutorials, so I thought I'd share the love. Enjoy!

Hangtags at Lula Louise
How to cover wooden drawers at Lula Louise
Simple notecard with buttons at How About Orange (LOVE her blog)
An emergency downloadable birthday card & envelope at How About Orange

There are tons more, I'm sure, but wanted to share those with you. It's so fun finding these!


Lindsay said...


Thank you for the link to the lula lousie bag. I printed it out and I'm trying to dig up some fabric to "practice" it on. I like the fact that it's a little bigger than the other one.

I love all your ideas!

Angie said...

Those are great links, Michelle! You're so crafty. They'll be linking to your blog before you know it. ;)