May 16, 2008

The muddy firefighter

Carson is pretty determined to fly. He's been watching birds lately trying to figure out what makes them able to fly and not him. We've tried gently explaining that God made our bones different and all the other parts of our bodies that are just completely different, but he's holding out hope that some day he'll lift off (and catch a fish with those crazy talons!) :-)


the mathisons said...

Carson has a wonderful creative side! Did you make his nose and talons? I can see where all the creativity comes from. You are such a fun mom!

Angie said...

You ARE a fun mom! How cute is he?! I love that he's trying to fly. But I love even more that you're encouraging it by making wings. You're awesome.

Michelle said...

Oh no, the bird costume is all Jason's doing....he's good. I should have mentioned that. I added the feathers, but the design was all him. :-)