May 15, 2008

Lovin' the Tile

We used to have carpet in our bathroom. The people that sold us our place had offered for us to keep the bathroom rugs, and we thought, sure, how nice! Upon moving in we understood why....there was a dinner plate-sized bleach stain in the middle of the bathroom floor which they had covered with a rug. The former owners are very nice and we see the lady probably once a week as she is a FedEx driver in our neighborhood, so we just had to laugh.

Carpet in a bathroom can just be nasty. Boys, potty training, toothpaste, water + carpet does not equal goodness.

So we finally got some tile in there a couple weeks ago and we are loving it. They tile guy was awesome and he did a really nice job. It's so much easier to keep clean and it definitely looks nicer.


You with us said...

Yea! It looks great and what a relief! Now the kids can bathe in your bathroom without creating mildew madness on the carpet.

Seeing your home improvement projects is so inspiring.

Amy said...

Yay! That looks so nice. Congrats! :)

Arabian Acres said...

The tile looks great! Updates the place so well. I hear you on the carpet as we replaced 3 bathrooms now because of "yuckiness" of carpet and sadly, bleach was one of the culprits, just no rug to hide it. Too funny, enjoy your new floor.

the mathisons said...

Home improvement projects always seem a bit like a chore to me when going into the whole thing, but I love when they turn out... and it really isn't so bad once the ball is rolling! The tile looks great!