May 28, 2008

The Ickies

We are on day 3 of the icky sickies. Gracie (the dog) started it on Monday morning and then Livi got it on Monday afternoon (not that I think they are related, but just a funny coincidence).
Carson woke up Monday morning and has been getting into the habit of making his bed, so he did, and came upstairs, and after a short time I started smelling something nasty coming from downstairs, so I went down there and Gracie had pooped 2 big piles and barfed 2 big piles right on Carson's bed! It was SO nasty to say the least. And I was so mad that she didn't even try to let us know that she had to go outside, this was not the first time she's done that, so gross. I guess she couldn't control it.

We had a great day on Monday, rode our bikes to Skypark, played for a while, then went and played tennis for a while, had a picnic, and then rode home. Livi took a nice nap and then complained of a tummy ache when she woke up and wanted to go right back to bed. So we put her in her bed and a little while later when Jason went back down to check on her, she threw up. It was her first time getting sick, it's so sad, isn't it? They seem so helpless.

So it was a long night with short bits of sleep, and she doesn't seem to be able to keep much of anything down. I think she has a small piece of bread in her belly now, but that's it.

I'm SO thankful for a washing machine, that's for sure. We've definitely been using it!
We got out for a little walk today, I bundled Livi up in the stroller and we took a couple rounds about the neighborhood, it felt good.


Amy said...

Oh bummer! I also had the "ickies" on strange!! Mine only lasted less than 12 hours, and so far, no one else in my family has gotten it. I hope the same for your fam! Gross about Gracie. Sicko! :)

kerrie said...

Too sad! Gross about Gracie, but my cats have puked on the bed too - usually at 2 a.m. >:|

Take care and hope you all feel better soon.

Arabian Acres said...

Ewww! The fun of having a pet. Hope the kids are feeling better. As with Kerrie, many a time I have had to "throw" the strange sounding cat from the bed in the middle of the night or warning or not, it was going to be on my pillow!

You with us said...

I hope sweet Livi is all better now!